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American Project Guide is a construction data network trusted by thousands of industry professionals and organizations. Our clients benefit from having exclusive access to in-depth construction project information with complementing bid management software.
Our cloud-based platform enables general contractors to track 50 states of bid information with Project Finder™ and conveniently share these projects and request pricing from subcontractors and suppliers with Project Invitation™.These two applications on the one American Project Guide platform give general contractors all the information required to submit more bids to project owners.


  • Database of active commercial construction projects filtered in the planning, bidding and award stages i.e. construction leads, construction project leads, bid reports, project invitations     
  • Complete project drawings and specifications i.e. bid packages
  • Sort projects by location e.g. nyc construction projects, long island construction
  • Track hundreds of thousands of key project contacts and receive email notifications reporting on their upcoming activities i.e  contractor directory, contact tracker, project owner directory    
  • Send invitation for bid (IFB) or invitation to bid (ITB) to contractors or suppliers, through a bidding process, submit proposals on a specific project to be realized or product or service to be furnished Request for Quotation (RFQ) manage responses and award bids.