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From winning more projects quickly, attracting new customers, Project Finder brings your business tools together. The result?

Less hassle, more bids won, and a strategy that really works.


Project Finder Features


  • Unlimited Searching

  • Find Construction Projects with Trade Keywords or by Categories

  • One Click Download for Plans and Specs

  • Advanced Search Options

         Sort Projects by County or State

         Filter Project Stages in Planning and Design, Bidding, Post-bid

  • Basic Raw Data Format Easily Readable, Downloadable and Printable

  • Create Minimum and Maximum Budget amounts for Projects

  • Add Your Company to Projects As Interested Supplier or Subcontractor

  • Track 100,000+ Key Contacts in the Directory and Receive Email Updates Reporting on Their Activities

  • Receive Bid Notifications By Email for Keyword Searches and Categories


Less Hassle

Why use 7 different services to get the work you need — and  7 different passwords to remember? With Project Finder, your resources are maximized in 1 place.

Custom Support

APG customers gets support.  And you won’t have to wait  endlessly on hold. In fact if you’re looking for a specific project and it’s not in our system, using our Projects on Demand feature, our team will find it and email you within 24-48 hours.


Browse projects & Download, export plans and specs – even on your Smartphone or Tablet